Fashion Trends of Summer 2020 - How to Wear Them

This 2020 season is one we are really excited about. Do you know how to wear summer trends 2020? Designers gifted us with collections that were the perfect marriage of wearable and innovative. The trends you’ll see highlighted for you below are the ones we saw repeated most frequently throughout the collections. They’re the ones that are the most digestible and the ones we’re predicting will be the heavy hitters all season long. Our list includes an assortment of styles that are equal parts fresh and nostalgic. With that being said, it is with great excitement that we present to you our official spring/summer 2020 trend guide. Just keep scrolling to dive in.

From sporty drawstring details to feisty color combos, steamy cutouts, and sheer overlays, the styles we're all about to wear once those temps warm up and we can go outside again are going to be off.

You’re probably familiar with the slip dress, bustier tops and summer dresses, but this season, lingerie is taking center stage in the ready-to-wear world as opposed to its usual seat underneath it all. The title for this trend theme couldn’t be any clearer: Lingerie dressing is going way beyond the confines of the bedroom as traditional lingerie detailing such as hook and eye clasps, boning, garters, sheer paneling, tons of silks, lace, corsetry, and much more have worked their way into some of the most prominent spring collections.

As is the case with every new season, the start of spring got the fashion set harking back six months to the spring/summer 2020 runways, put on in September last year, which pre-empted our upcoming wardrobes. Just as we were waving goodbye to summer and rediscovering our fondness for a roll-neck, along came fashion week to indulge us in a whole host of drool-worthy, summery pieces as brands showcased their SS20 collections.

Bra accentuation trend

Bra accentuation trend

If lockdown is over once the peak of summer arrives, then believe it or not we'll all be dressing a whole lot more risqué. While last year saw the resurgence of the exposed thong, 2020 is all about detailing around the brazziere. From exposed bandeaus to sequin accentuation we'll see you and your undies next season.

Puff sleeve trend

Puff sleeve

They saw a subtle revival last year, but in 2020 it's time to make way - both mentally and physically - for the puffed sleeve. Whether the swell is focussed on your shoulder, or more gradual down your arm, we already can't get enough of the puff.

Wrapped Ankle Trend

Wrapped Ankle Trend

If you've been watching street style stars for the past few months, you'll find that some have their sandal straps tied around their pants. According to forecasts, this look is not a volatile trend.

Drawstring trend

Drawstring trend in a dress

By no means a new phenomenon, the drawstring was all over the spring/summer 2020 runway. Whether sitting at the top of shorts, at the waist of jackets.

Metallic Trend

Metallic Trend in a dress

On trench coats, across trousers, and even splashed all over bags, metallic hues - more specifically silvers - were everywhere on the SS20 catwalk. We'd suggest keeping the rest of your look relatively muted to allow the piece to stand its ground.

Trench coats

Trench coats trend

By no means a surprise, trench coats look set to be hugely popular. But rather than the classic style, these have feminine finishes - from pleats to prints - that'll soften the often androgynous staple.

Sheer Layering Trend

Sheer Layering dress Trend

If the visible bra mentioned above was too much for you, why not experiment with a stylish aesthetic over transparent fabrics? Whether putting on a plain shirt over a vest or wearing a plain dress, it's a great way to play with silhouettes and textures.

Low-Slung Tailoring Trend

High waists have dominated the fashion scene for years, but things are getting a lot looser this summer with the low-cut tailoring at the center. Pair it with elegant shoes to avoid an overly sleazy look.

Maximalist energy trend

Maximalist energy trend with florals

Power-prints are back in a huge way this summer, with giant florals, clashing hues, and oversized polka dots taking over this season's runways. There's no such thing as too much, so go forth and be brave.

Broderie anglaise trend

A broderie anglaise dress trend

This summer will see Broderie Anglaise take on a new twist, with more intricate patterns and irregular embroidery making it feel fresher and more interesting. Go full-on via dresses and layer atop deeply-hued lingerie for a sexy take on the cute classic. The best plus size summer outfits is the beautiful vintage dress.

Torso ruching trend

Torso ruching trend - Ruched Blouson Dress

Ruching is often found at wrists or necks, but the 2020 runways predict that it'll be all over our torsos come summer. A great way to add texture and shape to an otherwise simple dress, it immediately makes any piece look high-end.

Posted in Fashion on May 17, 2020


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